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Laser The laser.
Cutting is done on 3 fully automatic CO² laser cutting units - with cutting speeds of up to 9 m/min, and a machining precision of + - 0.1 mm. Due to the 2,800 watts of power, steel from 0.2 to 15 mm - as well as stainless steel, aluminium or perspex - can be cut with the utmost precise reproducible accuracy without a tool change
The folding machines.
3 CNC-controlled folding machines with 300-1,500 KN of pressure enable precise cold-forming. Steel sheets up to 3,000 mm long and 6 mm thick can be folded. Several sequential folds are possible without any problem due to controlled rear limit stops.
The welding robot.
3 robots with automatic jig recognition weld on the exact spot and achieve the shortest set-up and production times. The control system determines robot movement. 6 axes guarantee uniform welding seams even in places which are difficult to access.
The powder coating.
In a washing section, the parts are degreased, pre-cleaned to protect against rust, and prepared for electrostatic powder coating. 6-axis hydraulic powder robots offer exact reproducibility for batch runs and guarantee uniform application of the powder. This process is environment-friendly and enables recovery of the excess powder. The coated part continues through the drying tube - which was developed in-house - where the powder is melted onto the component at about 180° C.
Assembly and packaging.
After continual (and, for the most part, automated) intermediate checks, the final inspection examines the surface. The powder coating - which must have the otpimal value of 80 micrometers - is measured with highly-sensitive measuring devices. On the assembly tables, fluorescent tubes, profiles, plastic parts and other components are assembled into finished LIFT sales displays and, after another inspection, are packed ready for shipping.

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