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High-tech injection moulding with the latest state of the art technology.
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Moulding_Hightech From the delivery of raw materials...
Lift Plastics offers truck access and convenient unloading of raw materials. Up to 40 tonnes of granulate can be stored in sacks or octapins. A vacuum transport conveys the granulate into one of the various-sized drying hoppers.
After pre-drying in the state-of-the-art Wotan unit, the raw material is ready for processing. Up to 11 different types of material can be dried at the same time. Moulding_Hightech
Moulding_Hightech ... to the computer controlled injection moulding plant ...
This distribution station feeds all 18 fully electric injection moulding machines. Computer controlled and fully automatic - the granulate reservoir is coupled to the computer and knows exactly how much raw material the injection moulding machine needs.
With the assistance of vacuum pumps, the granulate arrives at the machine ready for injection. Our group of companies includes an inhouse mould and die maker where moulds are produced and serviced, and where automation aids are constructed. Moulding_Hightech
Moulding_Hightech ... to the fully-automatic discharge robot ...
11 of the 18 Fanuc machines are fully automatic with discharge robots to cut off the sprue and sort and lay out the finished products. This means that at LIFT Plastics, even unattended machine shifts can be run without any problem.
The electronic counting scales register the number of mass-produced items exactly. As a result, the number of packed items corresponds exactly with the records.

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