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Precision mould making.
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tools_Hightech The latest generation of machinery.
Schoeller Bleckmann Werkzeugbau has computer-controlled machinery available for every area of development, construction, production and quality control. Milling, turning and spark-erosion machines, as well as a CNC machining centre can match practically every existing production method. tools_Hightech
tools_Hightech The strong heart.
Two high-performance CAD/CAM stations from the U.S. specialist Uni-Tronic. With these, injection moulds and their behaviour can be simulated and the data gained can be fed directly into the CNC-controlled production machines. Optimised throughput times, flexible job processing and the highest standard of quality are the direct consequences of the purposeful application of CAD/CAM.
Schoeller Bleckmann enjoys the finest reputation among leading European producers of entertainment electronics and the automobile, sporting goods and consumer goods industries. tools_Hightech
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