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  New Partners and Distribution Channels for HIT (audio) and HIT DVD

Spain's leading department store chain's branch at Serrano and a major book publisher requested LIFT Spain to work with them towards the realisation of a novel presentation format for books.
The El Corte InglÚs Serrano branch functions as a testing ground for the company, trying out new shop fitting developments before these are adopted as the El Corte InglÚs store design standards. This branch, consequently, is visited often by the group's top management and by store managers.
The book publishing house is part of a global print and electronic media corporation.
LIFT's proposal was for two different TOTEM concepts, both of which were fully embraced by the two companies.

Audio Book Presentation:
The publisher produces an audio CD, featuring statements by book authors (some 3 minutes per author) about their works. Book mentioned are displayed on the TOTEM in numbered shelves, these numbers correspond to the track numbers on the CD inside the HIT 1.

Video Presentation of Authors:
This TOTEM with HIT DVD features a special DVD containing a report aabout, and interview with the author whose books are on display. The screen is alive all the time: when the DVD is not spinning, a flashcard generates an animated advertising message.

A report on consumer acceptance and sales results of these new promotional tools will be issued in due course.


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