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  the first 3 dimensional desk. The boxes are 4 square metres in size and can be fitted together in any geometric configuration to create a sound-absorbing, fireproof room divider.

A Deskbox for Everyone!

In future every employee can have a personalized 3D desk tailored to his or her work requirements:

  • Everything is at the proper ergonomic working height and within easy reach.
  • No more messy cables on the floor, as the wiring is in the walls.
  • With no occasional furniture standing around, tidiness is assured.
  • Never shabby because the floor covering is simple to replace.
  • Heightened concentration without risk of distraction. Within your own four walls.

The Deskbox concept provides decision makers with optimal use of space and therefore lower rental costs, as well as maximum design flexibility and an excellent cost-benefit ratio.


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