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Customised state-of-the-art 
The CD drive was configured exclusively by a leading manufacturer. The digital electronics were produced in accordance with our specifications. High wear-resistant sensor keys for start, next and volume +/-. A blinking signal in the track display indicates that the station is in delay mode. The station switches itself off automatically after a few minutes if no keys are touched. The 7.5 Volt operating voltage means absolute safety.
More comfort
The LIFT UNO station sets one milestone in headphone comfort for the customer. The second milestone marks the user-friendliness for staff: a special key unlocks the CD box, then the drive cover is easily lifted and a disc inserted or removed. Nothing could be faster.
Choice of headphones
This is another all-time first for CD stations. As already mentioned, the new UNO operates with either the new lightweight headphones or LIFT's proven Stop&Go; headphones, in which case the station is switched on and off via the headphones. Want to use other headphones? No problem: UNO works with all commercially available types. The LIFT quality may bring no further surprises - but the price, perhaps - appealing!


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