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  a stable construction with tear-proof cables, an unbreakable porthole cover and a headset with soft earpads delight children with perfect listening pleasure.

Children's CD stations for wall mounting

  • Teddy Panel: Aluminum, powdercoated yellow, ears and eyes: adhesive foil, Ø 530 mm, CD-station Discus red, #54156
  • Sun Panel: Aluminum, powdercoated yellow, Ø 500 mm, CD-station Discus red, #54155
  • Margarita  Panel: Aluminum, powdercoated white, Ø 450 mm, CD-station Discus yellow, #54157

Childs Play

  • Dimensions: Base: 500 x 500 mm, Height: 1.300 mm
  • Standard color: column powdercoated blue, red, yellow, green
  • Headphones: multi-coloured blue, red, yellow, green
  • Material: Base, column and face: steel, Porthole: shatterproof polycarbonate
  • article no.: #52040
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