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Discus 4-Tower Easy and simple to operate 
The system is switched on automatically once the headset is positioned on the head. Replacing the headset terminates playing within seconds and the volume resets itself to a low level. Track listing, track time and volume level are clearly visible in the bright red LCD window. Feather touch technology delivers maximum user comfort.
Atractive yet secure
The optical highlight of a DISCUS is the fully visible CD that you see spinning fast inside the system. The porthole can only be opened with a dedicated key and to remove the CD, you simply push on the center spindle and the CD is released. The most visually effective marketing tool available to showcase and sell CDs.
The headset revolution
LIFT have engineered and fabricated a durable headset that is built for the intense retail environment with the unique Auto Start System. New Design - steel arch and headband are anchored firmly inside the shell. New Function - on/off function controlled by headset. New Advance Design in Durability - all parts are constructed of tear and shatterproof materials. New Level of Comfort - the air cushion is ergonomic and gentle to the ear. New Sound Experience - the sound is high fidelity at its best.
DISCUS: the silver disc
DISCUS now comes in a new attractive color. Silver enamel lets the disc shine with a matte finish. This "cool" look is the perfect addition to the designer décor of modern shops, or of classic CD department. Of course the headphones are come in the same color. The headset cable has been replaced with a new elastic cable. DISCUS is also available in the following colors: red (RAL 3020), blue (RAL 5002), yellow (RAL 1023), green (RAL 6029) und grey (RAL 7024).

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