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Whatīs to know about listening stations?.
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   ::: Why should my business use CD stations?
The right placement of CD listening stations may increase turnover by 400 %, that is an actual experience. It results from the selection of an appropriate type of station for suiteable locations in the store. Liftīs international experience is yours for the asking.

   ::: Which types of business profits from CD listening stations?
Whitout doubt, they are a must for the media trade. Convincing proof are turnover increases up to 400 %. Remarkable successes have also been achieved among non-music outlets such as fashion and toy stores, at petrol station shops and in such locations where people wait for someone or something. CD stations are entertainers, keeping customers longer in the store.

   ::: What makes a kiddie corner more attractive?
Thereīs a special designed CD station for children, constructed for the needs and dimensions, finished in bright colours and made extra robust. Childrenīs CD stations fit in well wherever the kids have to wait or need to be entertained: department store play areas, doctorīs waiting rooms, toy shops, kindergarten ...

   ::: How best to display audio books?
While not a new format, audio books are an often neglected market niche. A CD station allowing to sample the drama or novel completes the product display which is most effective on Lift fixtures.

   ::: Should DVDs be presented on viewing/listening stations?
Sure. The buying decision for one or more DVDs is positively influenced by the moving image. A small screen allowing a brief preview is more telling than static cover art. That difference is your profit.

   ::: Why use a barcode scanner station for listening to CDs?
With the liftscan barcode scanner station you let your customers listen to samples of the entire CD range in the store. Revenue is generated not only with fast moving new product but the back catalogue also accelerates its turnover. The liftscan system can be laid out any number of titles and tracks, for samples of 30 or 45 sec duration.

   ::: Does a barcode scanner station replace all other types of listening stations?
It doesnīt. The current releases and chart hits are presented in a prominent place on an individual CD station. The chart- or new release-customer browses rapidly through the product offered, mostly being familiar with parts of it already. Browsing through the back catalogue usually takes a little longer. Thatīs how each station type is used for maximum benefit and there are fewer waiting lines at the stations.

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