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hit_dvd_f1 16:9 Aspect Ratio Screen
The 7 inch, 16:9 aspect ration screen provides for optimal picture reproduction. By reducing the top and bottom black areas a greater number of lines can be utilized resulting in a considerably clearer picture. The screen may be tilted so that the player adjusts to the lighting conditions at any location. Customers can set the viewing angles according to their level of sight.
The Compact-Flash Module
Another HIT DVD model features a memory card. During idle times, the screen shows a video clip or advertising spot or special offer, automatically.
Easy to secure  
the shatter-proof porthole only opens with a dedicated key. That's a simple way to stop pilferage.
Easy operation - easy programming
The indestructable sensor keys are very easy to operate. A light touch is enough to light up the respective function: chapter number, playing time, volume. Simultaneous touch of both forward and reverse keys accesses brightness, contrast and colour functions which are controlled with the +/- keys.
Program sensor keys
Stop & Go System Stop & Go System
The station starts playing directly upon putting on the headset. Playing stops within seconds of returning the headset.

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