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Die digitale Generation von Abspielstationen.
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  01 news_down2   arreLIFTscan
the first intelligent barcode scanner with wireless technology.
  02 news_down3   arreHit DVD
the world's first DVD station with visible spinning DVD.
  03 Hit Bar   arreHit's
a new digital generation of listening stations - responding even better to the demands of the trade.
  04 cont4   arreDiscus
the first round shaped listening station with visible spinning CD. A robust construction made of shockresistant polycarbonate.
  05 childs play   arrechildren's listening stations
Boring waiting times for kids - while mom and dad are shopping - are a thing of the past.
  05 Tower Enter   arreTowers
Towers overtop the merchandise landscape - they invite to listen, compare and buy.
  07 uno_intro   arreUNO
improves the shopping experience and revolutionises customer habits.