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liftscanŽ - the intelligent CD scanner with radio.
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The first CD barcode scanner with memory
Every  liftscan®  features an integrated hard drive. This means that any CD displayed in the area can be automatically stored on the local memory after its initial call-up from the server. By accessing the liftscan®  hard drive, approximately 12.000 high-quality sample tracks can be played immediately. Less frequently chosen titles are automatically removed as needed.
How the laser works
The scanner projects a flashing red laser onto a platform. The customer holds the CD case under the laser, and liftscan® reads the barcode. An audible signal alerts the user that the music is ready.
Wireless instead of cable clutter
In this age of Blue Tooth and LAN technology, unwieldy connection cables are obsolete. LIFT uses radio between liftscan® and the server. This eliminates the need for expensive retrofitting and cable management. If the store layout is modified, liftscan® can be easily relocated without interrupting the music.
Small server, big impact
Any computer that meets basic system requirements can be used as a server. Once the system is running, server access may diminish by as much as 90 % as the liftscan® hard drive acquires more information. The small server provides liftscan® with new releases, and can be used as a safety net.
The music plays on and on
Our main priority in developing liftscan® was to ensure that the system would always function. We developed liftscan® so that if the server fails, each liftscan® will continue to work independently. If one liftscan® fails, the next station will access the server.The system is always ready to operate. Any problems can be handled during the next routine service visit .
The fast, new LIFT system for creating music files
liftscan® plays barcode data and 30-45 seconds samples of CD music. Tracks are compressed and then stored as MP3 files. It takes an employee only about 1 minute to load each CD into the server. This guarantees that "CD not available" never appears on the liftscan® display. Music files can also be purchased from any authorized content provider.

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