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The high tech dimension of product display.
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Compact_Slat_System Stability and high load bearing
Uprights (steel): wall mounted vertical or 10° angled. Standard height: vertical 2000 mm, angled 1930 mm. Other heights optional. Shelves: rest their entire length within the groove providing a maximum load of 45kg. Aluminium profiles with uprights at 650 mm intervals carry a weight loading of 80 kg. Varying the upright interval has an effect on weight loading.
Infinite versatility
Compact SLAT offers infinite versatility allowing you to change your range of merchandise without changing your shopfitting equipment. A standard range of shelves, hooks, brackets, accessories and dedicated holders are available in metal or aluminium, shelves can also be manufactured from perspex / acrylic, wood or glass. Custom units are manufactured to design specifications in our own CAD/CAM operated metal plant with the aid of laser cutting providing the highest level of accuracy with the added benefit of economical production runs.
Timeles design
Untreated, anodised or powder coated in a variety of colours with bespoke requirements catered for on request. Compact Slat provides unlimited versatility of design.
The aluminium panels "stack together" onto uprights to form a solid wall of Compact Slat providing an uninterrupted run of horizontal grooves at 8 mm intervals. Installed either adjacent or freestanding in the centre shop area, CSS has the further distinct advantage of being available in two system options as standard: vertical or angled product presentation. Introduction of the 10° angled system creates a striking visual impact with perfect product visibility - even at the lowest level.
Conventional Presentation . Shelf overhang limits sight line to products at lower levels. 10° Angled Presentation. Improved visual browsing comfort - improved sales.

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