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  the discplay 5 series has been completely reviewed and refined. interesting new details are the results.
 dp5dvd_wall rack  

Above all, there are dedicated DVD models now. The DVD wall unit with high-rise sight panel holding 350 DVDs is just one example. Add the optional front shelf (fits all DP 5 models) and the capacity goes up to 430 DVDs, even. Shelf frontals allow for easy display of price tags, bar codes, etc

No longer slotted, the shelf bottoms are covered with corrugated plastic sheeting to stop cases from sliding. Falling down over the front edge is made impossible by a security bar running across the front row.

New side shelves create additional full-face presentation areas fro DVD or CD. Signage holders, too, come in new design.

  • Material: steel, powdercoated
  • Shelf bottom inlays: grey corrugated plastic sheetings
  • Colour: RAL 7035 (light grey)
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