::: Displays.
State-of-the-art systems for product presentation.
::: Products
  01 Vision   arre vision
The first sales displays which may be arranged in curves or circles. 
02 Vision2_intro arre  vision 2
I have a Vision 2 - flexible merchandising system. 
  03 Compact Slat   arre Compact Slat
The High-Tech dimension of product presentation. 
  04 Slat Shop   arre Slat Shop
Island arrangements in compact 120° set ups for thematic product display.
  05 Performance   arre Performance
Unsurpassed flexibility in multimedia merchandising.
  04 dp5_front pool   arre Discplay 5/6
Do_it_yourself fixtures setting new standards of ergonomics.
  05 Slim 6 / Big 6   arre Alu Line
A purely aluminium line of of fixtures.
  08 Totem Concept   arre Totem concept
The ultimate space saver for product presentation.