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  Multi-media merchandising: new and diverse media are entering the market and systems must have the capability of adapting to different product requirements.  

That requires the ratailer to adjust for maximum flexibility in fixture arrangement, optimum view of the media product, and highest display capacity on minimal floor space. Performance is a multiple variation store fixturing system which employs three components:

  • Fullface
  • ZigZag
  • Compact Slat

Each of these three components is proportionally angled for full visibility and is suitable for CD and CD-ROM in all sizes, books, magazines, games, laserdisc, DVD, VHS, accessories, software etc.:

  • Wall racks (height: 2000 mm / 6 1/2 ft - width is variable)
  • Gondolas (height: 1400 mm / 4 1/2 ft - width is variable)

The different elements may be aligned to ensure a perfect fit; they may even be integrated into existing store fixtures with adaptors made to measure.


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