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The new standard in store display.
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vision Vision is variable.
Vision is the first fixture line that can be set up in arcs, staggered, and in classic "end to end" arrangement. Independent of configuration, Vision will ensure good visibility for customers and staff alike.
Vision is flexible. 
Changing your marketing vision does not mean changing your display fixture. Vision is easily adaptable to new products as the orientation and type of shelving can be altered easily. The set-up of Vision is straightforward - just unpack, mount the shelves, and start selling! One standard length for all Vision displays: 100 cm (39 1/3 inch). Three standard heights for wall displays and gondolas: 120 cm (47 1/4 inch), 140 cm (59 inch), 180 cm (70 9/10 inch).
Vision 120cm | 140cm Vison 180cm
Additional Accessories:
A simple straight top which fits all displays will extend the respective standard height by 44 cm (17 1/2 inch). A double top will offer 74 cm (29 imch) of additional height for presenting your merchandise. This means you can achieve display heights of up to 2,5 m (8 ft.). Side covers offer the ideal space for listening stations, reading desks or shelves with special offer items. There are inserts for all displays for signage and advertising boards, which are either inclined or straight. The lighting spots are mounted directly on the display.
Vision mobil Vision is mobile.
Take your Vision anywhere in your store. Optional castors allow you to move even loaded displays with ease.
Vision is slender with the right pitch.
The right pitch:
  • The slight tilt to our shelving places product at the visibly optimal angle.
  • Ergodynamic design insures that merchandise placed on lower shelves is fully visible, increasing your turnover.
  • Re-stocking is improved as products automatically slip towards the rear wall.
  • With just a glance the need for re-stocking can be determined.
A slender Vision makes selling easy:
  • More merchandise is presented on the same surface area.
  • The narrow shelves allow you to see at a glance which merchandise needs rearranging.
  • Slim shelves can be filled rapidly from the front.
  • Slim shelves look more ordered and well stocked.

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