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Cigarettes and tobacco products always in front.
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LIFT_Cigarette Cigarette Lift
Flush in the counter, on a quarter square meter, are 21 brands of cigarettes, each 25 deep.
While looking your customer in the face, the packet is taken out easily. The Cigarette Lift shows packets full face, gently clasping the uppermost one and visually warning before the last one is taken out. The metal body contains the push-up coils. The complete unit is easily installed into a counter. LIFT_Cigarette
Transboard Transboard
Cigarettes or tobacco pouches are always up front on the 320 mm deep board. An "intelligent" spring applies the right force to move the boxes into handy reach. The frontal facia holds price and product information. The divider bars on the metal board are adjustable for different widths of packages. The anodized aluminium facia and chrome board are available in any length with springs of regular or heavy duty strength.
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