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The theft-proof inventory management system.
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Registerkarte The Register Card System
Individual titles are displayed in the empty original CD cases, with the CD´s being securely stored on the register cards in the storage cabinet, protected against shoplifting.
The customer makes his choice and brings the empty CD case to the cash point. You open the relevant drawer of the storage cabinet, containing the CD on its register card. The Lift register card holds the CD from its centre hole, in the same way as the original case. The register card features a write-on label, on to which the catalogue number is recorded.
Registerkarte The CD is then removed from the register card and placed in the empty CD case for the customer to purchase. The empty register card is stored in a pre-designated location.After the close of business, or when a representative calls, you know exactly what needs to be re-ordered. 
The transaction is completed and the whole operation only took a mere 30 seconds. 30 seconds which gives protection against damage and shop lifting.
Further details are available for you. Please use the LIFT_ONLINE_FORM or contact the local  arreLIFT_Agent.

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